I Trust You, LORD

I could read David’s psalms all day! He really captures every emotion I’ve ever felt, and the psalms always tend to calm the anxious sprit in me. David was human in every aspect, but he was highly favored because of his longing and love for the LORD.

“Preserve me, O God…” Have you ever felt like the enemy has devoured your soul and there is no life left in you? I have and so has David. He often cried out to the LORD because ungodly people were trying to destroy him. They wanted to kill David because King Saul had a vendetta against David. They’d do anything to please their king, even commit murder for him.

I’ve often cried out to God for help and He has delivered me from my enemies each and every time. I currently have someone in my life who uses my past against me and feels as though I’m not good enough to serve my Heavenly Father. He tries his hardest to crush me through his ungodly and false accusations, striving to destroy any personal relationships I have, especially the one with my Savior. This person is the epitome of the Jezebel spirit and he lacks the desire to see me through the eyes of God. King David went through this very thing and he found hope in the LORD that justice would be served.

“For in You I put my trust.” How can God deliver us from our enemies? For one, we have to pray that God will reveal anything in us that might be causing these things to happen.

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