LORD, Give Me Wisdom

1 Chronicles 1:10

Throughout childhood I had several favorite toys, but the one that stands out to me most is the Rainbow Brite doll I was given as a gift when I was about 5 or 6 years old. The 80’s was the decade of bright colors and loud music, and I can remember wanting to dress just like my favorite doll. Of course my mom had better taste than I did and she would never let me dress like Rainbow Brite. I also wasn’t allowed to listen to loud music. Ha ha!

I look back on all of the things I loved before I became a christian, and something I’ve learned along the way is that we cannot take our earthly possessions to Heaven with us, no matter what kind of value these possessions hold. If memory serves me correctly, Rainbow Brite was donated to the Goodwill when she no longer served her purpose to me.

What do you hold dear? Maybe a piece of furniture that your grandmother gave to you? How about a vintage sewing machine or camera? I have a few things that I absolutely love for sentimental reasons, but the one thing I value most is the wisdom that the LORD has given to me.

Solomon was very wealthy, but he didn’t want material things that would fill up a room. Instead, he wanted wisdom to fill up his soul. He placed the LORD over all things and his writings of wisdom ended up in the greatest book of all time…the Bible. I love Solomon’s wisdom, and he’s one of the prophets I look up to the most because of his faithfulness.

Every day is another chance to ask the LORD for something of value, whether it’s His Word, His heart, His grace, or His love, and He’s waiting to hear from you with your request. What will you ask God for today? I know what I want; I want a heart like His.

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