The Word Is Alive

Hebrews 4:12

Did you know that the Bible is the only living testament that can actually move the depths of your soul and give you life? There is an answer for every season of life in God’s word. Good, bad, peace, chaos. It’s there in writing! There are no contradictions and you can fully believe that it is the inerrant word that was written by God’s appointed prophets, with His permission, to give us life and truth.

When I was in elementary school I loved reading the Ramona books. I’d read them over and over again because they were funny and made my imagination go wild. I could see myself in Ramona’s shoes as I read about her hilarious adventures. I wanted to be like her instead of the quiet little girl I was at the time. I’m more of an extrovert these days!

These days I enjoy true crime and survivor stories because I’ve always wondered what makes murderers, rapists and kidnappers do the things they do. Many people ask why I would read such books and I’ve often been told I’m a little bit twisted to do so. I was raped at 13 years old and never understood why it happened to me, so reading stories about similar topics helps me to be on the lookout for red flags, especially so I can teach my daughters what to look out for as well.

As much as I love reading true crime, those books are more for leisurely reading. I’d have to say that my all-time favorite book is the bible. When I’m sad, I can read David’s Psalms. I always feel like David endured every season and so much chaos throughout his life that his prayers were deep enough to cut through the heart of everyone who read his words. When I feel angry or upset, I can dig into the book of John where he teaches us about Christ’s love for us and the sacrifice He made for every single person we live amongst. When I’m suffering I can read about God’s faithful servant Job. Job lost everything, but his love for God never waivered. I always want to have faith like Job!

“All scripture is God-breathed…(2 Tim 3:16). One of my grandma’s neighbors has a sign that says, “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” and I honestly believe that is true. Not only does the bible teach us about our Father, it also teaches us how to pray and praise. The more I read scripture, the better my prayers become and it has also taught me endurance and faithfulness. There is no other book that has done this for me in my 43 years of life because the bible is the only book that is actually alive and breathing. Not one.

“Living and Powerful.” God knows how weak we are on our own and He wants to do life with us because His strength is beyond measure. There is no obstacle He can’t overcome and there is no step we will take that He hasn’t already taken. His word arms us against the enemy and leads us through the world in God’s favor and with His Spirit.

Friend, the world is changing so drastically and so quickly. We have to wear our armor, dig into the scriptures, and trust God’s faithfulness to us so that we don’t falter in times of trouble. His word is “sharper than any two-edged sword” and our Father is giving it to us to keep us safe. If you haven’t read the bible yet, I pray that you’ll give it a try. Jesus loves you and the Word is an opportunity to witness His perfect love and its affect on your life. Be blessed, friends!

Love and peace,

Joleen Chavez

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