He Is The First And The Last

Revelation 1:17-18

I’ve heard it asked, “If Jesus came right now, would you be ashamed by what you’re doing?” There are times I realize that I would be ashamed. I feel the conviction in my heart because of the things I sometimes do, and I am grateful during those times that Jesus hasn’t come yet. Do you ever feel this way?

Jesus is coming back and no one knows the time and date of His return, but we can be sure that He will make His appearance soon. What sort of things do you wish you had already done for His Kingdom? For me, I wish I had spoken to more unbelievers about Him. I wish I had served more, prayed more, and loved my neighbor more. I hate feeling like I haven’t done enough. How about you? Do you feel this way too?

It’s not too late, friend. Even though the Second Coming hasn’t happened yet, Jesus is still alive more than ever. He sees, He loves, and He is waiting for the day that He will lead us into His Kingdom for eternity. Can you see Him where you are? I do! If we lived for Him all the time, we wouldn’t have to feel like we haven’t fully abided in Him because He will be grateful for our obedience to Him and His sacrifice.

Jesus’s blood was shed for us and He has commanded us to love Him wholeheartedly. That means we are to dedicate our lives fully to Him and abide in Him. When we feel a nudging, telling us to go love on one of our neighbors, we ought to do it. When Jesus tells us to be still and listen, we should obey. Everything we do is a decision, and every decision requires thought. Since we are responsible for what we think and do, it is imperative that we abide in His word and commandments.

Did you know that we (believers) will receive crowns for our obedience to our Father? On the day of judgement, all will stand before Him. We will be held accountable for the life we lived on this earth and He will either open the gates of Heaven for us, or we will be cast into the lake of fire. “And I have the keys of Hades and of Death (Rev. 1:18).” Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? He is standing at the door and knocking. He’s preparing the wedding supper and has a seat just for you at His table.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus into your life but want to, please say the following prayer and He will give you His Spirit to guide you into eternity:

“Lord, I am a sinner and I want to be forgiven for my sins. I repent of my sins, my transgressions, and I ask that You give me everlasting life with You in Your kingdom. Please wash me clean and teach me how to live like You. Send your Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me. Teach me Your Word, Lord. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.”

If you said that prayer today and would like a bible, please send me an email at joleen@thevirtuoussoul.org and I will gladly send you a bible and a pamphlet that will guide you through your next steps as a believer.

Welcome to God’s kingdom, friend. We are so glad you’re here! Blessings to you forever in Jesus’s holy Name!

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