He Knows Me

Christmastime is the most difficult time of year for me. It makes me sad to think that I have loved ones I won’t get to spend Jesus’s birthday with, and I grieve over them every year as if no time has gone by since they passed away. This will also be the second Christmas season since my daughter went to live with her dad and my heart remains broken over the memories we won’t get to make again this year. We loved baking together and watching our favorite Christmas movies. This year I’ll be doing those things by myself.

While I grieve over my family, I know that many of us are going through some terrible things in our lives that might make us feel utterly broken. But I want to tell you that you are not alone. If you love God, He knows you and loves you right back. Right now is the exact moment for you to believe this because I promise you that it will put some peace into your broken heart.

So many people came to Jesus to be healed from their ailments and broken hearts. There weren’t many instances where Jesus asked them for their biological backgrounds, what they did for a living, and if their faith was strong enough to be healed. Why? Because He already knew them. Remember the woman at the well? She told Jesus she wasn’t married and Jesus quickly responded with the truth she originally failed to disclose. He knew her and He knew her heart.

How different are we than those people who were written about in God’s Word? Not much at all, especially since we were all created in God’s perfect image. While each one of us is unique in our own special ways, we can be sure that our emotions and lives are as important to us as their lives were to them. And He knows us from the inside out. Grief is so very hard, but we have to know that we are blessed in our sadness and grief (Matthew 5:4) because that is what Jesus said in His beatitudes.

There are so many things we can do on our own to deal with our grief. We can throw ourselves into our favorite hobby, or we can binge watch a new television series, but my favorite way to combat grief is to dig into a new bible study. I don’t know about you, but when I start a new bible study, it takes my mind off of me and it puts my mind on Him. I will always grieve, but I’d rather do it in the midst of my Father than in the midst of a dark depression.

Does God really know me? He must because He left those other 99 to seek me out. He says I’m worth more than many sparrows and He literally told me that He loves me and gave His life for my ransom. I don’t deserve Him, but knowing these things really brings me the peace that surpasses all understanding as mentioned in Philippians 4. The fact that He knows us speaks volumes, considering how many people He has under His wing.

You might be going through a difficult season, friend, but your heart is not hidden from your Father. Be blessed in your grief by loving Him and getting to know Him. Pray for peace in your life and really spill your guts to Him because He cares for you. Ugly cry in the shower like I do sometimes and then get out of the shower and listen to some good Ol’ Christmas music. Sing about Christ’s birth and resurrection because He is the One who can put some life back into your broken heart. I’m here for you too.

Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me even though you know everything about me. And thank You for always bringing me out of the fire, refined like silver and without any critical burns. My heart hurts, Lord. I miss my grandpas and my daughter, and sometimes it feels like the heartbreak will never go away. Take the hurt away and replace it with more of You. Bring me close to you and help me to remember that you know me. Please also bring peace upon others who are hurting too, Lord. Teach them what you have taught me and give them your peace that surpasses understanding. Put a fire in their heart to share Your love with everyone they know, and do the same with me, Father. I ask all of this in Jesus’ holy Name. AMEN!

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